Southern California Weather Map

By | November 24, 2019

Southern California Weather Map

Many Southern California parks, beaches and trails will be open over Memorial Day weekend, but social distancing is being urged amid the coronavirus. Environment Canada says strong thunderstorms are expected late Saturday, followed by significant rainfall on Sunday. Expanding and intensifying drought in Northern California portends an early start to the wildfire season, and the National Interagency Fire Center is predicting above-normal potential for large

Risk of rain, flooding heading into June for Okanagan forecast A one in 200 year flood is forecast in the Boundary region of Southern B.C., prompting officials to put almost 2,300 residents in the Supporting local businesses, restaurants, and merchants in Orange County is the theme of the week as these malls reopen.

That was one of the conclusions of an article we wrote about the tough road ahead for the California economy. As part of our reporting we spoke to members of Governor Newsom’s economic recovery task The question now is, will the persistent cold pattern east of the Rockies continue into the upcoming long weekend, which is considered by many to be the unofficial start of summer? Read on to find out

Southern California Weather Map : What the weekend lacked due to restrictions, people made up for Monday, May 25, by taking in the beautiful Los Angeles County weather and making the most of a holiday weekend. All in search of a glimpse of the mystic creatures that had begun congregating five years earlier in such numbers that the area was dubbed Shark Park. Simultaneously though it also remained part of The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) quietly rolled out detailed guidelines for establishments ranging from schools to restaurants to mass transit that are beginning to reopen as .

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